Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays:
  • Richard Parker
    April 7
  • Kristian Dugger
    April 10
  • Allen Kockler
    April 18
  • Robb Schmidt
    April 30
  • Raymond Reynolds
    April 7
  • Fred Samuelson
    April 9
  • Jennifer Chitty
    Marty Chitty
    April 10
Join Date:
  • Jim Frevert
    April 1, 1970
    54 years
  • Ray Schwichtenberg
    April 10, 1991
    33 years
  • Brian Quandt
    April 13, 2022
    2 years
Club Information

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 12:00 PM
1024 6th St.
Nevada, IA 50201
United States of America
Evening Club meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday at 5:30 pm. Please reach out for location.
Baby Shower for the Welters!
Please help us welcome our newest Rotarians, Emma Cassabaum & Lisa Oxley! We are excited to have you both and look forward to your contributions to Rotary and our community.
Evening Rotarians toured Great Planes Millwork. The owners Luke and Barb Ulrich spoke about the history of the company, the services they offer, and shared the stories of how they have grown as a business.
Fellow Rotarian Emily shared her story of being ran over by a Dart bus in 2007. It took 50 units of blood from 50 different donors to save her life!
Please Donate!
Rotarian Jon Augustus was presented with his Harold Fawcett Community Involvement award!
Rotarian Michelle Cassabaum was presented with the first annual “Spirit of Nevada” award at the Annual Celebration with Main Street Nevada, IA and Nevada Economic Development Council - NEDC.
Flight to End Polio Presentation
President Christa lost a bet
Look at these smiling Rotarians & Jr. Rotarians lending a helping hand at Nevada Food at First
What a great addition these apartments will be to our Main Street district. Thanks Jon for investing in our community and the tour!
Thanks for the fun afternoon of making apple cider Liz & Randy.
Iowa Resource for International Students, IRIS, was our in October. Thank you to Marissa Fichter for providing us with what IRIS is. We enjoyed hearing about it as well as your personal experience with hosting four students!
We welcomed our District Governor Dennis & his wife Heidi last week. He presented his vision for the new year of “Creating Hope in the World”.
Dr. Dugger invited the two RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) recipients to Rotary to tell us about their week long experience at Grinnell College.
Thank you Mary & Eayon for speaking with us.
Boys & Girls Club
Thank you to Ryan and Judge for updating us on the Boys & Girls Club of Nevada. What a great program for our youth and their families in Nevada.
Thank you Tanner Koder, Education Specialist for iJAG, for coming to tell us about the past year and all the students you have helped.
Congrats Fred on 50 years in Rotary.
Is it FUN?
Rotary has a 4-way test that Nevada has added a 5th test to, "Is it FUN?" This week we had a little fun with "Mr. Rogers" at a Fireside Chat to learn about Rotary.
We love it when previous Junior Rotarians come back to visit! President Christa and her daughter Savannah.
Welcome new members
Chris Brandes & Emily Schaack
President Christa Skaggs
Welcome new member Deb Copple!
Our littlest Rotarian, Remmington Cook
2023 Hall Of Fame Award: Barb Mittman
New Location!!
Thank you Erin Coughlin from the Nevada Public Library for teaching Rotarians about all of the activities available at the library! All are encouraged to fill out a survey:
Thank you, Sarah Hoodjer of Verbio, for your presentation to our club in December. 
Rotarians Marty, Jenny, Sara, Robb and Christa volunteering at Food at First! 
Thank you Governor Steve for presenting 2021/22 awards to our club! 
Congratulations to Sherry Newsome and Steve Henry on their PH +2 pins. 
Thank you to Trent Dirks and Tracer
of Retrieving Freedom! 
Nevada's newest member:
Adam Fichter!
Welcome to Rotary!
June 2022 Paul Harris Fellows
2022 Hall of Fame Recipient
Kathy Skinner! 
Jr Rotarian's chord ceremony!
You will all be missed!
Jr Rotarians presenting their trip to Costa Rica
The Rotary Club of Nevada continued its centennial reflections on March 2, with a review of the early 2000s. Featuring a “retro” look, Steve Skaggs, president of the Nevada Rotary evening group, shared the local impact of early 21st century key events on global, district and community levels. A highlight of that era was being the home club of the 2003-04 district governor, Denny Skinner.
Thank you to Casey and Marlys for helping to share our community service!
1990s History
Denny Skinner presenting the 1990s
2022 Soup Supper
1980s History
1970s History 
Today we learned about the 1970s! Thanks to Michelle and Steve, two cool and groovy Rotarians for presenting. 
Food at First
250 walking tacos were served on November 29th at Food at First. Thank you to all of the Rotarians that volunteered!
Harmony Closet Presentation
Many thanks to Elizabeth Gindt, Ben Fry and Jalene Miller Hornbuckle for providing updates on the additions to The Harmony Closet. Volunteers and donations are always needed as this service is widely used in our community. 
District Governor Alka Khanolkar Visit 9/22/21
Thank you DG Alka for your presentation and advice. It was a pleasure having you and Dr. Kiran at our club. 
Nevada Rotary Learning about the 1940s
Key Role for Nevada Rotary Club in Community Development at the Close of the 1940s
Starting under the cloud of WWII, the focus of the Rotary Club of Nevada shifted from world peace  toward community building as the decade of the 1940s progressed. 1940s era club secretary Elmer Schindler, portrayed by Rotarian Bernie Stephenson, spoke of the challenges faced at the end of the war, with large segments of the country’s homes lacking running water and central heating. By 1945, local newspapers began to feature headlines of activity on the home front--the State Fair, music concerts, banking regulations, and preparations for the Iowa Centennial. In service to the community, the Rotary Club of Nevada sponsored annual Rotary  Farmer Night events featuring outside speakers on markets and new methods of weed control. The club also continued its commitment to service through support of the Rotary Foundation.
As it nears its 100th anniversary, the Rotary Club continues to support the local community through local service days, yard clean-up for the elderly, donations to the school nurse fund, literacy projects, scholarships and contributions to SCORE park facilities.
Photo: Nevada Rotary Club president, Emmi Miller, wearing her grandfather’s WWII era navy uniform, while Rotarian Bernie Stephenson portrayed 1940s club secretary, Elmer Schindler.
Nevada Rotary's Second Decade: The 1930s
Continuing its year-long centennial celebration, on August 4 the Nevada Rotary club hosted 1930s era Club Secretary Paul Rush, portrayed by Dick Pringnitz, and a local woman from that time, portrayed by Emmi Miller, to share a glimpse of global conditions and local responses. Then, as now, Rotarians had a strong interest in global affairs and local service. The local newspapers set the stage with broad coverage of world issues, and club program topics ranged from Prohibition to the Stock Market Crash and from FDR’s New Deal to the emerging war in Europe. Their dedication to service and local issues were revealed through sponsoring a regional event on Club Service; district praise for efforts to become a force in the community; participation in a round table on international affairs; and hosting speakers on peace, international fellowship and emerging health issues.
Nevada Rotary's first decade: 1920s
Our club was charted on May 1, 1922. We will be celebrating our 100 year anniversary this May!
Past President Kathy Skinner has been researching our club's history and has created a History Series for all of us to learn about the progression of our club. Last month we learned about the 1920s as presented by Frank Flack, (aka Dan Johnson) one of the very first Rotarians in this community. 
Stay tuned for the 1930s in August!
2021 Hall of Fame!
Ray Schwichtenberg and Ros Dunblazier are our 2021 Hall of Fame recipients! Much deserved!
May 26, 2021
Congratulations to our Junior Rotarians! May 26th was their last meeting. All are excited to graduate Sunday!
Aubrey Gibson & Eleanor Elliott-Rude were the winners of a $1000 Nevada Rotary Scholarship for 2021. Congratulations!
School Board Members Marty Chitty and Ben Humpel-Pash
Ben is a senior at Nevada High and has been a school board member for the last two years shedding insight from the student's perspective. 
Field Trip to the High School
Rotary took a field trip to the welding department and greenhouse at NHS this Wednesday. What a great facility we have for our students! Thank you to Kevin Cooper for all he does to get kids involved and inspire them to do well. 
Please see Iowa Public Television episode link:
Community Day
Many thanks to the Juniors and Rotarians that volunteered to rake leaves, clean gutters and haul away brush for our annual Community Day!
10 New Members this month!
Craig Welter from Hertz. 
Evening Club Members: Jenny Chitty, Erin Anderson, Justin Rewerts, Steve Skaggs, Brianna Hall, Brandon Sills, Kerry Weig, Henry Corbin. Not pictured: John Molacek. 
Part of the welcoming committee! 
Junior Rotarians 2020
September 2, 2020
Nevada Rotary would like to welcome our newest member, Jordan Cook. 
We would also like to congratulate the following members for reaching Paul Harris milestones!!!
Michelle Cassabaum PH +7 
Jim Frevert PH +4
Fred Samuelson PH +3 
Nevada Rotary Resumes Noon Meetings

We will be social distancing.

Wear a mask if you choose.

Or join via Zoom. 

Passing of the Gavel
Thank you President Robb for your year of service! 
Passing the gavel from Rob Schmidt to Dick Pringnitz
Sara Clausen presenting Robb with Past President diamond pin to carry on our traditions. 
Taking care of our Zoomers
Liz Hertz
Liz Hertz Paul Harris Fellow +5
Tim Van Loo with Iowa State Turf Management
Warm Winter Coats for Kids
Our Rotary club was able to donate warm winter coats to the Nevada Resource Center, Nevada Schools and Lil Cubs.  Through our wine tasting fundraiser and matching grant from District 6000 and the Rotary Foundation, we were able to purchase 570 coats for our Nevada kids in need. Just in time as the weather freezes up! Many thanks to all involved!
Here are 1/2 of the coats!!!
Happy NCRC Team!
Harold Brinkman & Matt Mardesen
We congratulated “Brink” on his Paul Harris plus two level and City Administrator, Matt gave the program reflecting back on his career in Nevada.
United Way and Remembering 911
What a special day at Nevada Rotary.
We celebrated United Way of Story County and remembered those who served our country on 9/11.
District Gov Erna Morain Visit
Rotary Meeting 7/31/19
Andrew Allen and Chris, YSS
Rotary Meeting 6/19/19
Mindy Ott with FSA office
Presentation of $300 to Gil Peterson of the Nevada Food Pantry.
Rotary June 12, 2019
Thank you Jane Fisher of Mosaic!
Rotary News 6/5/2019
Rotary News 6/5/19
The noon meeting was called to order by President Sara Clausen.  Rotarians donated happy dollars as they told of special events in their lives.  Lynn Scarlett reported on events happening in Nevada and Mark Cahill gave a rundown of the current markets.
Rob Bacon led the group in prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Honoring the 75th anniversary of D-day Rod Biensen played the “Caisson Song”.  He followed that with the “Welcome Song” for our guest speaker.
Bernie Stephenson announced that June 10, 2019 would be the 13th year Nevada Rotary would honor the Nevada teachers.  The event will be held from eleven to one in the high school commons.  Gelato will be served. 
President Clausen asked for members to volunteer to fill committee positions on the new satellite club initiative.  The new group would begin in the fall.
A program was presented by Madison Kuhn, Program Specialist with YSS.  Madison works with Teens Against Human Trafficking.   She presents awareness programs at high schools and junior highs in the area.  Human trafficking is considered modern day slavery that involves force, fraud or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. 
Rotary News 5/15/19
President Sara Clausen opened the meeting with Happy Dollars.  Members were encourage to share life events for two dollars.  Tammy Oxley has a new granddaughter.  Reports from members were given.  Lynn Scarlett shared events happening in Nevada.  Mark Cahill reported on the current markets.
RYLA scholarship winners were introduced to the club.  Aubrey Gibson and Grace Cahill.  Aubrey’s mother Michelle Gibson was in attendance also.  Both girls will attend the RYLA conference this summer at Grinnell College. Rod Biensen played the “Welcome Song” for our guests. 
Kris Dugger gave the prayer followed by a musical number from Rod Biensen.  Sarah Clausen introduced Monica Marco the Rotary foreign exchange student from Spain.  Monica presented a slide show of her year in Nevada.  She especially enjoyed the Crystal Ball and Prom.  Spain doesn’t have these types of school sponsored events.  She also participated in track.  Her host family took her to Chicago over spring break.  Monica’s father was able to visit for three days and see Nevada. 
Monica will take the USA tour with other foreign exchange students for a month this summer before heading home.  She will miss Nevada and hopes to attend college here in the future.
Rotary News 5/8/2019
President Sara Clausen called the Nevada Rotary meeting to order at Indian Creek Country Club on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, at 12:20 pm, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.   Reports were given by Lynn Scarlett from the Chamber regarding the following events:  the City of Nevada will be hosting a Community Conversation on substance abuse on Wednesday, May from 6:30 to 9, Story County Medical Center will be holding an informational session on starting or expanding a family child care business, the American Legion will be having a Fish Fry on Friday night from 5 to 7:30, the Nevada Historical Society will hold the Annual Mothers’ Day Tea on Saturday May 10, and Rolling Green Village will be holding their first Annual Prom on Tuesday May 14 from 4 to 7 pm with the Grand March at 6 pm and music by Chris Clark starting at 6:30 pm.  Ray Reynolds, Nevada Public Service Department, gave a City of Nevada report:  the intersection of Lincoln Highway and Airport Road (west of Nevada) is closed for construction.  Tony Adelmund gave a Junior Rotarian report – there are only 11 more days of schools for the seniors.  Mark Cahill gave a markets report.  Chris Waddel  offered a prayer.  Visiting Rotarian Tom Hertz was introduced .
Today’s announcements included Rotary will be hosting Food at First on May 13, Liz Hertz announced that two Nevada students will be exchange students next year:  Riley Loux will be going to Belgium and Taylor Hall will be going to Japan.  Christa Skaggs announced that Main Street Nevada will be holding a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, May 15 at 5:30 at The Talent Factory.          
Dick Pringnitz welcomed Melissa Johnson of Midwest Insurance Corporation and Ben Naberhaus with Hertz Farm Management.  Michelle Cassabaum inducted Johnson and Naberhaus to the Nevada Club. 
The Nevada Junior Rotarians presented today’s program:  Jeopardy.    
The meeting adjourned at 1:05 pm.      
2019-2020 Junior Rotarians:  Starting on left side is Reagan Chitty, Bailey Crain, Joseph DePenning, Alec Sutton, Kody Kruschwitz, Aidan Sellberg, Kacie Rewerts and Ulrich Wolfe.  The front three girls are from left, Megan Wessels, Madison Davis, and Eliana Hornbuckle.
Melissa Johnson, Ben Naberhaus, Dick Pringnitz, and Michelle Cassabaum
Rotary News 4/24/19
President Sara Clausen called the Nevada Rotary meeting to order at Indian Creek Country Club on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, at 12:25 pm, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.   Reports were given by Lynn Scarlett from the Chamber regarding the following events:  Mosaic will be holding a Mix and Mingle on Thursday, April 25; Friends of the Nevada Public Library will be holding a Book Sale on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27; and The Talent Factory Regulars will be performing on Saturday, April 27 at 7 pm with profits from the show going to Francisco Fuentes.  Matt Mardesen, City Administrator, gave a City of Nevada report:  the intersection of Lincoln Highway and Airport Road (west of Nevada) will be closed beginning next week for construction and this year’s audit went well.  John Hall, NEDC, reported a business breakfast was held this morning with copies of the Strategic Plan handed out.  Libby Burlage gave a Junior Rotarian report – all spring sports are holding events this week and Prom is Saturday, April 27.  Mark Cahill gave a markets report.  Sara Clausen offered a prayer.  There were no guests (other than today’s presenters) at today’s meeting.
Today’s announcements included Rotary will be hosting Food at First on May 13 and on May 15 the RYLA awardees will be at the Rotary meeting.        
Dick Pringnitz reported on the recent Nevada Rotary Club grants from the Rotary Foundation:  Operation Warm, Nevada Public Library, and Josephine Tope Auditorium medical equipment.  He then presented Paul Harris Fellow Awards to Nevada Rotarians.  Dick then introduced today’s program:  Chris Knapp, Rotary District Foundation Chair, and his wife Vernette.   He shared information as to the work the Foundation does and has done to better all of our communities through the grant process 
The meeting adjourned at 1:050 pm.      
Newest Paul Harris members:  John Hall and Janeen Driscoll with Dick Pringnitz
Paul Harris members:  Dan Johnson, Randy Hertz, Liz Hertz with Dick Pringnitz
President Sara Clausen with Vernette and Chris Knapp, today’s Rotary program presenters.
Rotary News 4/3/19
Rotary News  4/3/19
The noon meeting of the Nevada Rotary Club was held at Indian Creek Country Club.  President Sara Clausen opened the meeting with remarks by club members.  Mark Cahill updated the group on current financial markets and Junior Rotarian Kelby Rewerts gave a rundown of happenings at the high school.
Mark Oxley was a guest of Tammy Oxley.  The welcome song was played to greet him.  Kris Dugger led the group in prayer to open the meeting.  President Clausen announced that Nevada Rotary would have a work day at the Nevada pool to help get it ready for the summer.  The Community Outreach day would be April 17, 2019 and members would meet at our regular meeting time. 
Tammy Oxley introduced speaker Paul Groteluschen of Story County Medical Center.  Paul spent the past year in Kosovo as part of a NATO team to improve the security of the region.  Twenty-nine NATO nations participated in the program.  Paul was a Strategy and Plans Advisor through NATO. 
Kosovo declared their independence in 2008 but is not currently recognized by all nations.  There are almost two million people in the country of 4202 square miles.  Paul discussed cultural differences and improvements that were being made. 
Rotary News 3/13/19
President Sara Clausen opened the meeting with reports from members.  Lynn Scarlet gave the group an update on current events in Nevada.  Matt Mardesen said the city budget had been approved.  He mentioned road repairs that would happen this summer.  Rotarians also donated enough to the Patton Park project that they exceeded the goal!  Thanks to all who donated to that project. 
Guest, Dr. Sherman Jew, was introduced to the club.  Rod Biensen played the “Welcome Song” for Dr. Jew.  President Clausen announced volunteer opportunities for PETS and encouraged members to sign up. 
Laurie Rohlfing introduced the “Nevada Nerds Anonymous”.  They are the robotics team from Nevada High School and Middle School.  The group competes through the First Tech Challenge organization.  They have competed on the state level and won many awards.  The organization mentors students on engineering, programming, problem solving, team work, public speaking and business skills.  Two of the groups’ leaders, Nathan Tanner and Andrew Barloon are also Junior Rotarians.
The group talked about building the robots and competing against other teams.  They raise or pay out of pocket to attend competitions and build the robots.  The newest robot named Armstrong, cost around $2,000.00 to build.  The group has several business sponsors and welcome any donations.  
March 6, 2019
Rotary News 3/6/19
President Sara Clausen announced there would be a board meeting next week starting at 11:00AM.  There are still volunteer opportunities for the PETS meeting to be held in Ames.  Contact Dan Johnson for information. 
Rotarians having anniversaries are Kathy Skinner, 22 years, Steve Henry, 8 years, Emmi Miller, 6 years and Laurie Rohlfing 4 years.
Christa Skaggs introduced Steve Skaggs, Chairman of the Main Street Nevada steering committee.  Steve talked about the application process and that Nevada was ready to apply.  If Nevada is selected there will be many volunteer opportunities.  The Main Street organization is nationwide.  Iowa has one of the most successful programs in the nation.  The program promotes historic preservation and renewal of the downtown area.  There is financial assistance available with low cost loans to assist in the process.   The committee is part of the Nevada Chamber of Commerce.
Matt Mardesen introduced Henry Corbin of the Nevada Historical Society.  Henry is spearheading a campaign to restore Patton Park.  Patton Park is located in a green space next to the Nevada Library.  It is the oldest park in Nevada.  He gave the group a history of the Patton family and how the park was created.  There is a Patton Building on Main Street.  Donations can be sent the Nevada Historical Society.
Rotary News 2/27/19
Rotary News 2/27/19
President Sara Clausen called the weekly meeting to order with reports from members.  The Junior Rotarians reported that track season had started at the high school and that volunteers were still needed for the upcoming speech contest.  Mark Cahill updated the group on current financial and Ag markets.  Sara Clausen then opened the meeting with prayer.
Paul Groteluschen of Story County Medical Center was introduced by Kris Dugger as a guest just back from deployment in Afghanistan.  The “Welcome Song” was played by Jack O’Leary for our guest.
PET (President Elect Training) will be held in Ames this year.  Rotarians are encouraged to sign up for volunteer opportunities.  Dan Johnson or Sara Clausen have sign-up forms available.  The Nevada Rotary Club will have four students attending RLYLA this year.  The annual youth leadership conference will be held in Grinnell again this summer.
Rotarian Steve Henry introduced Kelly Sheets to the group.  Kelly is a local resident and has been on the Story County Fair Board for the past four years.  He spoke about some of the updates that are needed at the Fairgrounds.  Over $10,000 was raised at the recently held Sweethearts Gala.  The Gala is planned again for next year.  Tickets will be available this year at the Story County Fair. 
Ventilation for the cattle barn is the top priority for the use of the funds.  Most the income for the Fairgrounds is received from Story County but is not enough for all the upkeep needed to the buildings. 
Rotary News 2/20/19
Rotary News 2/20/19
President Sarah Clausen opened the meeting with reports from club members.  Lynn Scarlett gave a brief overview of events taking place in Nevada.  Guests were introduced to the group.  Tom Hertz from Ames Noon Rotary, Janet Rans and Shana Medders were visitors.  Kris Dugger opened the meeting with a prayer and Rod Biensen played “My Wild Irish Rose”, followed by the “Welcome Song” for our visitors.
Randy Hertz introduced Mat Bueltel, CEO of ICS Advanced Technologies.  Internet Consulting Services specializes in fiber connections to apartment complexes.  Residents receive the amenity of high speed internet services.  High speed internet connections is also key to economic development for most communities.  Many questions were answered and great information was given to the club.  
Rotary New 1/23/19
Jeff Gilchrist
Reports from members opened the meeting.  Matt Mardesen said the city snow plows had started plowing at 3am on Wednesday morning.   The city is continuing with the budget process and it looks good.  President Sara Clausen gave the prayer and Rod Biensen played “School Days” .
Guests in attendance were Leah Biensen, Caleb Biensen, Olivia Claussen and Logan Coopman.  President Claussen announced the one year anniversaries of Tracy Brown and Jessica Henry.  She then passed around a sign-up sheet to volunteer for Food at First.  The club will help with food preparation and serving on a quarterly basis in 2019. 
Jeff Gilchrist an ER Nurse at Lutheran Hospital and Nevada Para Medic presented “Stop the Bleed”.  The program focused on how to stop bleeding from accidents or shootings.  Members were told to ensure your own safety first then call 911.  After those things are done find the bleeding and add a compress to the wound.  Use of a Tourniquet is recommended.  Jeff urged the group to carry a first aid kit in their cars as well as have them at home and in your business.  He is available to speak to groups and share this valuable information.  Jeff can be contacted through the Nevada Fire Department.
Rotary News 1/16/2019
President Sara Clausen opened the meeting with reports from members.  Lynn Scarlett submitted a report on events happening in Nevada.  See the Nevada Chamber of Commerce web page for details.  Matt Mardesen reported that the Mid-States expansion is almost completed.  Bids will be taken for the paving of South D Avenue soon.  There will be a new storage shed for the cemetery.  The Junior Rotarians reported on the start of the second semester and updates on sporting events at the high school.  Mark Cahill gave the club an update on current stock markets and commodity markets.
Guests present were Tom Hertz from the Ames Rotary Club, Tricia Biensen and Michelle Fullerton.  Chris Dugger gave an opening prayer followed by a Civil War time waltz played by Rod Biensen. 
Chairman of the “Soup Supper”, Robb Schmidt said that about 180 people were served soup on January 11, 2019.  The Burke Corp. donated meat for the chili and Ben Franklin donated napkins, bowls and cutlery.  Rotary raised close to $3500.00 for their scholarship fund.  Left over chili will be donated to Food at First.
A check was presented the same evening to United Way for their “Food for Thought” program.  Robb also gave a second reading of his slate of officers for the coming year. 
Liz Hertz presented the speaker, Sandy Ehrig of Nevada, IA.  Sandy is Economic Development Administrator for the Iowa Farm Bureau and is Co-Chair of the Rural Economic Development Council for the State of Iowa.   The council tries to attract new businesses to Iowa, help with expansion of existing companies and encourage entrepreneurship.  One of the educational offerings they promote is a workshop called “Journey to Your Vision”.  The workshop is underwritten by many groups and is free to attend.  The website contains more information. 
Rotary News 12/19/18
President Sara Clausen asked for reports from members.  Matt Mardesen reported that the baseball field would not be ready for the beginning of the season.  Billy Sunday Field will be used to start the baseball season next year.  Budgeting is also underway for the city.  Junior Rotarians gave the group an update on happenings at the high school.
Rob Bacon opened with a prayer and Rod Biensen played “Silent Night” while the group sang along.  Guests present were Tricia Biensen and Ralph Manning.
Tickets sales for the Annual Scholarship Soup Supper have begun.  It will be held on Friday January 11, 2019 from 4:30pm to 7:00pm at the Nevada High School lunchroom.  Ticket cost is $7.00 for adults and $4.00 for children.  The all you can eat event raises money for scholarships in Nevada.
Sara Clausen introduced John Rochford and Ryan Doyle from Youth and Shelter Services.  They discussed their “In Plain Sight” program that has been presented in the high schools and middle schools of Story County.  The program alerts parent to possible places that drug paraphernalia is hidden.  Most items drugs are hidden in anyone can buy.  They look like real items such as Sharpie pens, pop cans and belts.  A lot of the new alcohol drinks look like energy drinks.  One of the over the counter products that is abused is cough syrup and allergy medications.  Used in large quantities they can produce hallucinations but cause internal damage to the user. 
E-Cigarettes were also discussed.  There is increased usage among teens.  Several types of these devices were shown and lung damage due to their use was discussed. 
12/4/18 Rotary Meeting
Rotary News 12/4/18
President Sara Clausen opened the meeting with reports from members.  Matt Mardesen spoke about the new budget and revisiting the Rec Center proposal.  A Junior Rotarian gave highschool sports highlights and mentioned auditions for the upcoming musical.  Mark Cahill updated the group on the commodity markets.
After the prayer by Chris Waddle the group recited the 4-Way test.  Guests in attendance were:  James Stevens, Rory Mason, Justin Rasmusson, Jessie Triboudeau, Rob Martin, Brett Barker and Eugenia Hartsook.  Jack O’Leary played the ‘Welcome Song” and the group sang along in honor of the guests.
President Clausen announced that the 5:01 Club would meet on the first Wednesday of each month at the Indian Creek Country Club.  The board will meet at 11:00am next week.
Sara Clausen then introduced our guest speaker Rotarian and former Iowa Hawkeye Quarterback Chuck Long.  Mr. Long spoke to the group about his current position as CEO with the Iowa Sports Foundation.  The foundation runs Live Healthy Iowa, the Iowa Games, Senior Games, Adapt-A-Sports Iowa and Corporate Games.  It is the largest foundation of its kind in the country and has participants in all ninety nine counties of Iowa. He shared stories from his days as a player and coach. 
Delivery of 79 Coats for Operation Warm at NCRC
November 7th Meeting
President Sara Clausen asked for reports from members.  Lynn Scarlett gave the group updates on events in Nevada for the week.  She said the Angels for the Angel Tree would arrive at the Chamber on Monday November 12, 2018.  The Junior Rotarians commented on the school’s blood drive, and upcoming basketball.  Mark Cahill talked about the current markets.
Rob Bacon led the group in prayer to open the meeting.  Rod Biensen played “When You’re Smiling” as Rotarians sang along. 
President Clausen recognized Steve Williams as a returning Rotarian after moving from Cedar Falls, IA back to Nevada.  She also helped deliver 79 new winter coats delivered to the Resource Center.  Individual Rotary members from Nevada contributed to the purchase of the coats.  The coats will be distributed to children in the community.
The club will also help with Food-At-First next week.  Liz and Randy Hertz are working with two Nevada students to become outbound foreign exchange students sponsored by our club. 
Doug Jones introduced Tracy Brown who gave a program on the Burke expansion.  He showed a short video on the history of Burke which is now owned by Hormel.  Burke currently employs 350 and will add another 210 employees.  The 210,000 square foot expansion will add two production lines.  It should be operational in the spring of 2020. 
Next week Rotarians will be entertained by dueling pianos Rod Biensen and Jack O’Leary. 
Nevada Community Day!
Big thank you to all that volunteered for Nevada Community Day. We successfully cleaned up 10 yards producing 140 bags of leaves! Almost double our count from 2017. Good Work Rotarians! 
Dick & Nathan
Big thanks to Steve Daiken for helping! Pictured here with Jessica, Kathy and Emmi.
Photo Cred Dick Pringnitz.....Burn pile #1
Photo Cred Dick Pringnitz.....Burn pile #2
Rod Biensen 2018 Hall of Fame!
Congratulations to Rod Biensen!!!!
Nevada Rotary's 2018 Hall of Fame recipient! 
Pictured here with his family: Trisha, Leah, Caleb, & Luke Biensen.
Rotary News 9/26/2018
President Sara Clausen called the Nevada Rotary meeting to order at Indian Creek Country Club on Wednesday, September 26, at 12:20 pm, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer.   Reports were given by Lynn Scarlett from the Chamber regarding the following events:  the Nevada Jaycees will be holding a Diaper Drive until October 12, the American Legion will be hosting an End of Summer dinner on Friday, September 28, October is American Pharmacists month and NuCara wants to invite you to a Mix and Mingle on October 2, and Rolling Green will be having Scratch Cupcakes selling cupcakes on October 11 from 1 to 4!  There will be 12 flavors and cupcakes are $2 each.  Nathan Tanner gave the Junior Rotarian report.  Mark Cahill gave a markets’ report.  Sara Clausen led the club with a prayer.   Rod Bienson played the Welcome to Rotary song.   
Today’s announcements included:  Operation Warm is underway and Michelle Cassabaum will be going over the edge for the Story County Boys and Girls Club on October 12.    
Sara Clausen announced today’s program:  Monica Marco Romero, this year’s Rotary exchange student.  Monica is from Spain and talked about her life, family, food, and community.  Upon her arrival in Iowa, her host family took her to the Iowa State Fair.  There were many questions from the club membership.       
The meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.      
Rotary News  9/19/18
Reports were given by members.  Matt Mardesen updated the club on city news, Jon Hall talked about the Burke expansion and Mark Cahill reported on the markets.  Junior Rotarian Andrew Barloon shared upcoming Homecoming events.
Rob Bacon led the club in prayer after which President Sarah Clausen called the meeting to order. 
Guests in attendance were Chris and Vernette Knapp and Erna and Steve Morain. 
Rod Biensen played a selection of Scott Joplin songs.   Tracy Brown was made a Paul Harris Fellow.  He was presented with a pin by Dick Pringnitz.  Chris Knapp the District 6000 Rotary Foundation Chairman presented Denny Skinner with an award for achieving Level II Major Donor status.
Chris Knapp then spoke to the club about the Rotary Foundation.  It has been in existence for 101 years.  The foundation has distributed over three billion dollars in support of its’ projects.  Two countries are left to immunize in the campaign to stop polio.  Pakistan and Afghanistan have had 17 cases of polio this year.  The Ride to End Polio will be November 17, 2018.  Last year over $9,000.00 was raised in District 6000.  Our district has raised over $450,000.00 in the past ten years.
A Rotary Foundation dinner will be held November 3, 2018 in West Des Moines.
Community Vet Clinic Dr. Sherrie
Welcome Community Veterinary Clinic to Nevada! Lynn Scarlett invited Dr. Sherrie to give the program today and even shared some vet jokes.
Rotary News 8/15/18
President Sara Clausen opened the meeting with a report from Lynn Scarlett on the Nevada Chamber of Commerce.  Lynn encouraged everyone to volunteer to help at Lincoln Highway Days.  Rod Biensen played the “Welcome Song” for guests Carolyn and Chuck Johns (morning and noon Ames Rotarians), Steve Daiken (Boone Rotary) and Izzy Kapustka.
Izzy Kapustka and Steve Daiken briefly spoke about their roles at this year’s RYLA camp.  Izzy was a camp counselor and Steve attended as a Rotarian.  They encouraged Nevada Rotarians to participate at next years’ RYLA camp.  The camp will be held July 14th through the 19th, 2019 in Grinnell, IA.  Four students from Nevada attended this year’s camp.
Michelle Cassabaum introduced the speaker Erika Peterson of the Boys and Girls Club.  The Boys and Girls Club of Story County is starting a club in Nevada for junior high children.  The club will be located at Central Presbyterian Church after school until 6pm.  Children will have a safe environment to go to after school.  Homework help and special programs will be available.  Nevada must raise $40,000 to fund this program.  The Burke Corporation has offered to donate up to $15,000 in matching funds for donations made to the club.  A membership per student is $25.  Scholarships are available also.  The club has a goal of 50 members.  Donations may be sent to Boys & Girls Clubs, 210 South Fifth St., Ames, IA  50010.  Designate the donation for Nevada.
Marty Chitty performed sergeant-at-arms duties.  Rotarians were quizzed over Nevada history.  Fines were collected.
Rotary News 8/8/18
Story County Medical Center hosted the weekly meeting of the Nevada Rotary Club.  A delicious lunch buffet was served.   Dick Pringnitz opened the meeting with reports from members.  Lynn Scarlett brought “Nevada Nice” stickers and Lincoln Highway Days posters to hand out.  She also shared upcoming Nevada events.  Mark Cahill updated the group on current markets.  Chris Waddle offered the weekly prayer.
Guests from Story County Medical Center in attendance were James Wright Jr., Gabby King, Laura Murphy, Steve Van Dam, Katie Cassabaum, Linda Wendt, Loni Pringnitz Dr. Art Check and Dr. Adrian Palar. 
Dick Pringnetz passed around sign-up sheets to help with Food at First and the Lincoln Highway Days Parade. 
Jim Frevert and Nate Thompson presented a program on the Story County Medical Center.  Jim gave a history of the hospital and foundation in Nevada.  He has volunteered for over fifty years on the Story County Medical Center Endowment Foundation.  Jim also mentioned that four Rotarians served on the current Foundation and that Rotary had made many monetary donations. 
Nate Thompson gave a presentation of current programs and medical services available at Story County Medical Center.  A new physician Dr. Timothy Leeds will be starting in September.  Rachel Frederick P.A. will now be located in Nevada.  Steve Cassabaum and Steve Van Dam spoke about the new rehab and physical therapy wing at the Center.  Nate said the Center was thriving in a time when many small hospitals are in decline. 
Marty Chitty Sargent-At-Arms finished the meeting with Nevada trivia.
August 8th Meeting
This Wednesday's meeting (August 8th) will be held at Story County Medical Center instead of Indian Creek Country Club.
Please make every effort to arrive on time. 
Welcome New Rotarians!!!
We would like to official announce our newest Rotarians: Janeen Driscoll and John Hall!
Rotary will not be held at the Indian Creek Country Club this Wednesday (July 25th, 2018). 
We will be volunteering at Ragbrai instead! 
July 18th Rotary News
President Sara Clausen opened the meeting with reports from members.  Lynn Scarlet updated the group on events going on in Nevada.  Donations of school supplies may be dropped off at the Nevada Chamber office through the month of July.  Matt Mardesen had updates on RAGBRAI and shared that the City of the Nevada had a new pop-up.   Marty Chitty gave an observation of things going on in the county.
Kris Dugger opened the meeting with prayer then “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain” was played by Rod Biensen.  Guests in attendance were Dick Brokaw, Leah Biensen and Olivia Clausen.  Rod Biensen played the “Welcome Song” in their honor. 
President Sarah talked about make-up meetings.  They can be entered on the sign in sheet at meetings or the web-site.  The club will not meet on July 25th, 2018.  Rotarians will be helping supervise the intersections along Lincoln Way during RAGBRI.  A thank-you note was passed around from Logan Stuffelbeam.  She was the 2018 Scholarship winner.
Rotarians broke into committees and planned for the year ahead. 
July 11th Rotary News
Rotary News  7/11/18
President Sara Clausen asked for reports to start the meeting.  Lynn Scarlett reported on the School Supply Drive.  Donations of school supplies can be dropped off at the Chamber of Commerce office during the month of July.  Marty Chitty reported that the county had been busy repairing roads after the recent rains. 
Chris Waddle led the group in prayer.  Rod Biensen played “Take Me Out to the Ballpark” while the club members sang along.  Guests, John Hall, Barb Mittman and Jan Brinkman were introduced. 
Barb Mittman is the coordinator for the Food at First program.  They are sponsoring a “Beef It Up” fundraiser to help purchase beef for the year’s meals.  It will be held July 17th at the Methodist Church.  Members purchased raffle tickets for the fundraiser.
A sign-up sheet was passed among the group for RAGBRAI.  Rotarians will help watch the intersections during the morning as riders pass through Nevada. 
Harold Brinkman was presented with a pin to commemorate his 53 years of service to Rotary.  He joined the Nevada Rotary Club in 1965.  He has served in many positions with the club and spent countless hours of service to the club and community.
President Sara Clausen gave an address as the new President.  She joined the club in 2005.  Sara is looking forward to continuing many traditions such as the soup supper, Junior Rotarian program and the fall fundraiser.  She would also like to implement an outreach day to meet with other service clubs in the community.
The Literacy team will coordinate with the school to help sponsor Dr. Seuss Day again this year.  Randy and Liz Hertz have coordinated the arrival of Monica an exchange student from Spain.  This year’s fundraiser will go to the “Food for Thought” student summer program.  The club hopes to increase it’s membership to 62 this year.
The club wishes to thank Marlys Barker and the Nevada Journal for their excellent coverage of the Nevada Rotary Club.
June 27, 2018
President Jon Augustus called the meeting to order with reports from members.  Matt Mardesen reported that the city had been busy with the recent rains and storms sewers.  He also gave an update on road work being done.  Marty Chitty said the county was ready for RAGBRAI.  A prayer was given by Chris Waddle.  Rob Biensen played “A Bicycle Built for Two” while the group sang along.
Carol Springer from the Ames Noon Rotary was present as well as guest Katie Cassabaum.  RYLA nominees Alania Hornbuckle and Casey Rewerts introduced themselves and expressed thanks to the club for sponsoring their upcoming week at RYLA.  Gary Clem was presented with a pin to commemorate his forty years of service in Rotary. 
President Jon Augustus gave an overview of the past year in Nevada Rotary.  Under his leadership the club funded 52 bicycles for the World Bicycle Relief Project.  The District purchased 1,918 bikes.  These bikes are sent to underdeveloped nations to help families get to work and school.    Our Wine Tasting fundraiser raised $12,500 for the school back pack program.  This initiative to fight hunger now provides older children backpacks of food to take home over the weekend.  The club was also able to purchase 53 winter coats for children in need.  The Community Resource Center distributes the coats.
Each Rotary Club had a goal to plant one tree for each Rotary club member.  Nevada Rotary planted 63 trees and met our goal.  Rotarians also helped with Food at First each quarter.  Other projects were helping at the Lincoln Highway Days parade and the Soup Supper held each year to raise money for scholarships.  The Nevada Rotary Club provided 292 hours of service to the community this past year.
The 2018-2019 cabinet was sworn in.  Sara Clausen is the President for the coming year.  Past President Jack O’Leary presented Jon Augustus with a pin and a plaque for his outstanding year of service. 
New Cabinet:  back Row:  Doug Jones, Nate Thompson, Jack O’Leary, Dick Pringnitz, Robb Schmidt, and Dan Johnson
First Row:  Ros Dunblazier, Laurie Rohlfing, Emmi Miller, Michele Cassabaum, Sarah Clausen and Jon Augustus
Jon Augustus and Jack O’Leary
Rotary News  6/20/18
Wednesday’s meeting was opened by President Jon Augustus.  Rob Bacon led the group in prayer.  Emmi Miller introduced Paul Ferrone a guest from Ames Noon Rotary and Dick Pringnitz introduced Davis Axmear an intern with Hertz Farm Management.  Jack O’Leary played the “Welcome Song” as the club sang along.
A Program Signup sheet was passed among the membership.  Next week the 2018/2019 Board of Directors Induction will take place.
Jack O-Leary introduced Tammy Koolbeck, Executive Director of the ISU Center.  Tammy presented a program on the 50th Anniversary Season at Stephens Auditorium.  She shared that performers were give signature rice crispy treats since they were invented at Iowa State University.  Tickets can be ordered on-line.  Premium seating and a discount are given to customers who order tickets for 4 or more shows.
Rotary News 6-13-18
Rotary News 6-13-18
The weekly meeting was called to order by President Jon Augustus.  Lynn Scarlett gave a report on coming events in Nevada.  Marty Chitty reported on news from the county and Mark Cahill shared the current markets with the group.  Steve Jordening, a visitor from the Nevada Lions promoted their fundraiser.  The Lions will be selling Colorado Peaches in the community.
Many guests were in attendance.  Bob Grathwohl, Ken Jansen and Carol Springer were visiting from the Ames Rotary.  Katie Cassebaum and Scott Henry were also present.  Megan Wessels a local student shared information about herself.  She will be attending RYLA this summer with two other students from Nevada.  Jennifer Wessels, the mother of Megan shared a meal with the membership also.
Rob Bacon offered a prayer and Rod Biensen played the “Welcome Song” for our guests.
Jessica Henry and Rich Parker introduced Mike Naig the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture as our speaker.  Secretary Naig told the group about his background growing up in Iowa on the family farm.  He spoke about the water quality initiatives in Iowa that were funded by the legislature. The state has partnered with private industry on 65 demonstration projects.  Iowa State University has been instrumental in some of the current innovation that has taken place and partnered with the state to implement those innovations.  Secretary Naig answered many questions from the group. 
BIG NEWS!!!!!!
It's official, Jon & Kate Augustus became parents over the weekend!
Welcome baby Ayla Kate Augustus, born 6/3 @ 7:41 am. 7lb 7.5 oz, 21 in long.
Mom & baby are doing well.
Rotary News 6/5/18
Rotary News 6/5/18
President Elect Sarah Clausen opened the weekly meeting with reports from committees.  Lynn Scarlett updated the group on local events and the success of the city wide garage sale.  This year there were over fifty participants.  Marty Chitty reported on the county primary results.  Dave Deyoe added that none of the Secretary of Agriculture candidates received the required 35% of the vote on the Republican side for a win.  Delegates will decide at the state convention.
Kris Dugger gave a prayers after the group sang “My Country Tis of Thee”.  Rod Biensen played “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes” and the group sang along.  Emmi Miller introduced several guests.  Paul Ferrone was visiting from the Ames Rotary Club, Michael Perrin was a guest of Laurie Rohlfing and Caleb, Luke and Leah Biensen were guests of their father Rod Biensen.
Sarah Clausen passed around a sign-up sheet for next year’s greeters and programs.  Chris Dugger announced that three Nevada Students will attend RYLA this year.
State Auditor and past President of the Nevada Rotary Club, Mary Mosiman spoke to the group on the new initiative started in January 2018 impacting government officials.  She explained who the office oversees and audits.  Training is provided for these groups and a new initiative has been started to train officials with the use of YouTube videos.  The videos will be shown to state, local, county and school officials plus many more.  They will showcase basic fiduciary duties and highlight the importance of verifying public purpose for every expenditure.  The auditor’s office has found almost $2.7 million in fraud since August 31, 2018. 
Rotary News 4/25/18
President Jon Augustus opened the meeting with local updates.  Lynn Scarlett reported that three members of the Nevada Rotary Club had graduated from Leadership Nevada.  They are Matt Mardesen, Ray Reynolds and Jessica Henry.  Matt Mardesen gave an update on future projects the city was working on.  Marty Chitty said Story County has a new updated website.  The Junior Rotarians gave the group an overview of upcoming track, golf and soccer events at the high school.
President Augustus called the meeting to order, then Chris Waddle gave a prayer.  Rod Biensen played “April Showers” while the group sang along.  Emmi Miller introduced three guests, Jolene Goodman, Joy Davis and Josie Bailey.  The group then sang the “Welcome Song” played by Rod Biensen.  The group was reminded to let President Jon know if you have planted or anticipate planting trees before June 30, 2018. Our goal is to plant 54 trees by that date. 
A.R. Palanisamy of Rotary India and a recipient of the Service to Humanity Award, presented a program on SEED (Society for the Educational and Economic Development) an organization he founded in India.  Seed serves the needs of disadvantaged children to provide hope and opportunity for a better future.  They cater to the needs of children whose parents are in prison, suffering from disease, orphaned, or victims of national disasters.  The children receive value based education and a secure upbringing. 
March 28, 2018 Meeting
Rotarians met at Indian Creek Country club on Wednesday for their weekly meeting.  Guests present were Tom Hertz from the Ames Noon Rotary Club and Gina Lohr daughter of Rotarian Randy Hertz. 
Lynn Scarlett updated the members on upcoming events in Nevada.  Matt Mardesen said planning was starting to revamp 6th street.  He also said the new High School baseball field had started and that there would be new concrete in front of the fire station.  Marty Chitty reported for the county that four new subdivisions in Story County had been approved recently.  Mark Cahill updated us on the current markets.  The Junior Rotarians have two months until graduation and reported on upcoming track events.
Chris Waddle gave the opening prayer followed by the singing of “Easter Parade” played by Rod Biensen.  Rod also played the “Welcome Song” for our guests.  President Jon Augustus reminded the group that Membership Day would be April 4, 2018 and Tree Planting Day would be held May 5, 2018.  A goal of Rotary International this year was for a tree to be planted for each member.  Members also had an opportunity to share input on our programs for the coming year.  Sergeant of Arms Ray Reynolds fined members who did not wear their Rotary pins and those who had brags to share with the group.
March 14, 2018 Meeting
The Nevada Rotary Club met for their regular noon meeting at Indian Creek Country Club.  Two Ames Rotarians, Tom Hertz and Ken Jannsen, were present. 
Lynn Scarlett announced several programs the library was hosting this week.  You can donate personal hygiene items at the Nevada Chamber of Commerce, Ben Franklin and St. Patrick’s Church.  The items will be donated to the Nevada Schools for those children in needing the items.  They are collecting shampoo, conditioner, combs, hairbrushes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, soap and mouthwash.
Matt Mardesen announced that the city budget had been approved.  The rec center project is moving to the planning and preparation stage.  The city will hold a meeting April seventh for those interested in booths when RAGBRAI comes through Nevada.  The City of Nevada will also be holding “Substance Abuse-A Community Conversation” on Thursday March 22 at 6pm. The meeting will be held at Gates Hall and RSVP’s are requested to Mayor Brett Barker by March 20th.
President Jon Augustus announce that April 4, 2018 will be our annual Membership Day for prospective Rotarians.  Sara Clausen and Michelle Cassabaum attended PETS training in Minnesota.  They were able to share ideas with other districts as well as train for their new positions in Rotary.  As incoming President Sara received a new banner for the coming year.  Next year’s theme is “Be the Inspiration”.
March 7, 2018 Meeting
Rotarians met at the Indian Creek Country Club for their weekly meeting.  Lisa Markley was in attendance as a guest of Marty Chitty.  Lynn Scarlett gave the club an update on events being planned by the Nevada Chamber of Commerce.  Upcoming events include a city-wide garage sale on June first and second, and the 2018 Annual Chamber Golf Outing which will be held on June 8, 2018. 
Marty Chitty informed us that a final candidate for the risk management director position has been chosen.  This is a new position for the county.  Junior Rotarians will have spring break next week.  This weekend state speech contest will be held in Nevada at the school.  Mark Cahill reported on the mid-day markets.
A prayer was given by Chris Waddle and Rod Biensen played “Peggy O’Neil” and the “Welcome Song” for our guest.  Many of our club members participated in the reading event at Central Elementary.  Members read storybooks to students and several Dr. Seuss books were donated to the Central Elementary library.  The event was held on the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  The Nevada Rotary Club has participated in reading to elementary students for many years.
Several students have applied to RYLA (a Rotary sponsored youth leadership camp).  Kris Dugger said the committee will make selections soon.  Any Rotarians that wish to volunteer at the camp should contact Kris.  This event is held in Grinnell each summer.
The Toast of Rotary meeting will be held in Des Moines on Saturday.  Michelle Cassebaum encouraged members to attend this special event.  It is a chance to learn what other clubs are doing in our district and across the world.  Several members of our club will be attending.
January 31, 2018 Meeting
President Jon Augustus called the meeting to order with thirty-four Rotarians and Junior Rotarians in attendance.  Lynn Scarlett reported for the Chamber of Commerce.  She reminded the group of upcoming activities and announced the AARP Foundation would provide a tax-aide at the library from February 5 through February 16.  You can call the library for appointments.
Marty Chitty announced that Story County now has a balanced budget.  He also shared some projects that will soon be discussed by the Supervisors.  Matt Mardesen shared that the Vision 2020 project is moving forward and discussions for the new ball park and rec center are being held.
The Junior Rotarians reported on events taking place at the high school.  Chris Waddle gave the prayer then Rod Bienson played “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” as the group sang along.  A final report on the Annual Soup Supper proceeds will be ready next week.  Kris Dugger said the registration for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) will begin February 1, 2018.  Applications are at the high school.  RYLA also needs Rotarians to volunteer to help at RYLA.  The event is held in July at Grinnell College.
Michelle Cassabaum inducted Tracy Brown into Rotary as a new member.  Tracy was sponsored by Rotarian Doug Jones.  Tracy works at Burke and moved to Nevada with his wife and two children. 
Doug Jones
January 24th Program: Doug Jones and his muskie fishing lures!
Soup Supper
Another successful Soup Supper!
The Literacy Committee & Principal Chris De Neui
The Literacy Committee, Ros Dunblazier, Christa Skaggs and Lynn Scarlett introduced Chris De Neui, Principal of Central Elementary. 
Nevada Community Day!
What an awesome work day we had! Weather was fantastic! Volunteers were fantastic! And home owners were very very appreciative of our work! Quote from Karen: "This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. I’m usually the one helping others with their yards and this year, when I needed help, Rotary showed up.” They she started to cry.
Thank you all for making this day a success!
82 BAGS OF LEAVES!!!!!!! 82!
Sarah Jaschen: Iowa Donor Network
Renee Twedt introduced Sarah Jaschen from the Iowa Donor Network.  She talked to the group about how to become an organ donor and what happens after you have committed to the program.  There are currently 721 Iowans waiting for transplants.  This number has increased by 100 people in the last year.  69% of Iowans are currently registered to become organ donors. 
Evie Peterson
Jim Patton
PDG Jim Patton presented details of the Global Grants that provide water systems to villages in Tanzania. Ames Rotary is a major sponsor of these grants and we are invited to participate. These water systems cost between $240,000 and $350,000 each.  Local citizens help with the construction and are trained to maintain these systems. 
United Way presentation: Shannon Bardole-Foley
Mike Cox: Story County Conservation Director
Mike Cox, Conservation Director for Story County, spoke on the Tedesco Environmental Learning Corridor in Ames.  The park includes thirty-seven acres and is located in the Research Park.  It is a partnership between the Iowa State University Research Park, the Story County Conservation Board, and the Story County Board of Supervisors.  The park will be a live learning laboratory showcasing and exploring conservation techniques complete with paved trails and an outdoor amphitheater.  The park will be open to all and is scheduled to be completed in 2019.
Izzy Kapustka
RYLA Counselor Izzy Kapustka
Dave Deyoe: 2017 Hall of Fame Recipient!
Congratulations Dave!!!!
Our newest Paul Harris Fellows!
Paul Harris Fellows:
Marty Chitty, Rick Sanders 
Foundation Chair Dick Pringnitz
Not pictured: Christa Skaggs, Matt Mardensen
Paul Harris Society: Michelle Cassabaum
PHF+2 Rod Biensen,
PHF+1 Jon Augustus
PHF+2 Rich Parker
Foundation Chair Dick Pringnitz
Not Pictured: PHF+1 Stephanie Roscoe, PHF+2 Bernie Stephenson, PHF+2 Steve Cassabaum
Story County Medical Gift Presentation
Visioning 2017
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
President Nominee
Executive Secretary/Director
Rotary Foundation
Immediate Past President
Evening Chair
Community Service
Youth Co-Chair
Youth Chair
Public Relations